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Water Storage Level

Total storage:
64.37% (8 May)

Last week 64.48% (1 May)

Storage Levels

  Storage Levels
Water Restrictions
Water Restrictions
What do the current 
water restrictions
mean for you?

Orange Water Security - our city's future

Orange Water Security

Orange City Council has established this site as a 'one-stop shop' , as a source of information about water security, what capital works projects are planned and how demand management is being handled.

You can see the latest news on Orange's water security projects.

This site has been developed to enable the community to

  • examine the current water supply system
  • inform the public about Current Projects and Future Supply Options,
  • keep the community up to date with developments. Bookmark this site and come back to stay in touch.

At this site you can find tips on water-saving in the home and workplace.

The lack of secure water supplies in Orange has been a major concern for residents and businesses for a long time, with severe water restrictions for nearly a decade.

Orange City Council is currently in the process of upgrading its water supply infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing community.

The city already has a first grade Filtration Plant and distribution system throughout the city. The limitation has been the reliability of  supply from Suma Park Dam and Spring Creek Dams, and an extremely limited catchment.

Orange has already developed a number of Australian leading water management practices, including Stormwater Harvesting and Water Demand Management.

The Council has been investigating a range of options to diversify water supplies. The Council has already implemented some of these options and is in the investigation and development phase with other options.

Two of these are Raising Suma Park Dam Wall and the Macquarie to Orange Pipeline Project.

Construction of the Macquarie Pipeline began in December 2013.

(Earlier, Orange City Council submitted a Preferred Project Report for the Macquarie River to Orange water pipeline. You can view the Preferred Project Report and Environmental Assessment here.This project was assessed by NSW Planning and Infrastructure, with recommended conditions of approval  submitted to the Planning Assessment Commission. The Planning Assessment Commission has now approved the project . The Australian Government has approved the project with a number of conditions. Read the conditions of the Australian Government.

As well as the pipeline, other Future Supply Options have been identified.







Contact Details
Orange Water Security
Cnr Byng St & Lords Pl
Orange NSW 2800
Phone: 02 6393 8000
Fax: 02 6393 8199
Daily Water Usage
Average water use by Orange residents this week (7 May) is 190 per person per day.
Last week (30 April) consumption was 180 per person per day.
You can find out more about long-term water use trends here.
You can monitor your usage by learning to Read Your Water Meter