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Existing Supply Systems

Orange City Council owns and operates its own water supply system.

The Orange City water supply has traditionally come from run-off from a rural catchment that flows into Spring Creek Dam and Suma Park Dam.

The major water storage for Orange is Suma Park Dam, located on Summer Hill Creek, approximately 4km east of Orange.


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The city's secondary water supply, Spring Creek Dam, is located at the junction of Spring Creek and Gosling Creek approximately 4km south-east of Orange. 

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Suma Park Dam is used as the extraction point for the city's supply, with Spring Creek Dam's water released into Suma Park when required.

Orange City Council has also developed an integrated Stormwater Harvesting System, with water transferred into Suma Park Dam.

The city also uses Ground Water Bores to supplement supplies.

The water from Suma Park Dam is pumped to the Icely Road Treatment Plant, to the south east of the city.

After treatment, (see separate section Water Treatment Plant) drinking water is distributed via large trunk mains to water storage reservoirs. From these reservoirs water is reticulated to each household through a network of smaller water mains.

Council also maintains Gosling Creek Dam and Lake Canobolas for recreational purposes.