\ Macquarie River to Orange Pipeline Project
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Macquarie River to Orange Pipeline Project

After years of planning and community consultation, work is about to begin on building the 39 kilometre Macquarie River to Orange Pipeline.

Macquarie River 1The pipeline project was approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure on 18 June 2013 and approval came from federal environmental authorities on 20 August 2013.

The approval came with a number of conditions. The most significant condition was the change of the pumping trigger from 38 megalitres per day to 108 megalitres per day.

This means water won’t be able to be pumped from the river when the flow drops below 108 megalitres per day.

The project will link the Macquarie River to Orange's Suma Park Dam by approximately 39 kilometres of underground pipeline.

Orange City Council has let the first round of construction contracts for the project, worth $26.5 million.

Orange City Council has selected Leed Engineering and Construction for the construction of the pipeline, Essential Energy for the refurbishment of the power and Poles and Underground for the construction of the new electrical infrastructure.

Initial construction work on the new electrical infrastructure began from Monday 28 October 2013 and it is expected to be complete during mid 2014.

Landowners will be notified in advance of work starting on their properties and the project team will work with the community to minimise impacts.

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