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Consultants Report

Over the last few months significant work has been undertaken to more clearly define the key issues relating to this project and address the Director General’s requirements for planning approval. View the Director General's requirements for the project.

A significant portion of this report focuses on hydrology and the justification of the project under a Climate Change scenario. As part of this justification, consideration is given to a number of water supply options including accessing water from an augmented Blackmans Swamp Creek Stormwater Harvesting Scheme, Stage 2 (BSC2), an Augmented Lake Rowlands, an Augmented Molong Creek Dam and a raising of Suma Park Dam by 1 metre.

Other investigations have considered the route selection, potential risks, a review of costs and a number of environmental issues.

The NSW Office of Water (NOW) has numerous gauging stations in the Macquarie Catchment. The data from these stations is updated daily and provided on the office's website.

The gauging station located near the proposed Macquarie Pipeline Project extraction point is listed on the NOW website as Macquarie River Downstream of Long Point.

The data can be found by clicking NSW Office of Water Macquarie River Report

 Macquarie Pipeline Project Reports:

Macquarie Pipeline Project Update Report 16 August 2011

Evans & Peck Estimate Review

Macquarie Pipeline Report Summary

The Director General Requirements (DGR) for the Macquarie Pipeline Project have been released setting strict benchmarks for assessment and a high level of scrutiny.

The DGR are statutory standards and assessment thresholds that must be met in consideration of the project.

Media Release - DG Requirements Set for Macquarie Project

To find out more about the DG Requirements click here

Macquarie Pipeline Concept Investigation Report 

NSW Government media release - 13/01/11

The project has entered the design and environmental approval stages.

The NSW Minister for Planning has declared the project will be assessed under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The Macquarie Pipeline Project will require Commonwealth Government consent but the application assessment remains with the NSW Government.

Orange City Council referred the Macquarie Pipeline project to the Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. The project was referred under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 as there are protected ecological communities and species that may potentially be impacted by the project.

Council has been advised that the project is a “controlled action” under the act. The Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities has determined that the assessment approach will be through the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Media Release - Commonwealth Scrutiny for Pipeline - 23 December 2011

Commonwealth Referral Notification

Orange City Council has been working on improving the city's water security for a number of years. A significant elememt of the long term strategy was included in a report tabled before and endorsed by Council in November 2009.

Water Projects Report - November 2009