\ Strategic Planning (IWCM Plan)
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Strategic Planning (IWCM Plan)

Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) is the integrated management of water supply, sewerage and stormwater services within a whole-of-catchment strategic framework.

Orange City Council's IWCM Plan helps identify and address water management problems in a way that allows social, environmental and economic objectives to be met.

Following community consultation, the final report was completed and be downloaded in a number of sections.

PDF Icon 1. Executive Summary (2.2 MB)


PDF Icon  2. Evaluation Study (5.5 MB)


PDF Icon  3. ICWM Obligations & Targets (7.2.MB)


PDF Icon  4. Orange Water Resources (7.1 MB)


PDF Icon  5. Potable Water Demand & Effluent Production (2.6 MB)


PDF Icon  6. Typical Residential Bill Analysis (2.7 MB)