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Suma Park Dam

The major water storage for Orange is Suma Park Dam, located on Summer Hill Creek, approximately 4km east of Orange.

The catchment area is 179km2 and the dam has a surface area of 1.3km2 at full supply level. The catchment area includes the three reservoirs (Suma Park, Spring Creek and Gosling Creek) and feeder creeks generally situated to the south and south-east of the city's urban area. Suma Park Dam has a storage capacity at full supply level of 17,290 ML.


The dam is a concrete arch dam with a height of 31m, crest length of 208m, crest width of 2.4m and a spillway 62m long roughly in the centre of the main dam.

 A 600mm diameter steel main is laid as a suction main from the dam to the pumping station from where it rises 110m to the water treatment plant off Icely Road. The total length of the pipeline is 4.2km.