\ Gosling Creek Dam
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Gosling Creek Dam

The original Village of Orange was served by water reserves on Blackmans Swamp Creek and private wells. After years of concern over the unreliability of Blackmans Swamp Creek as a water supply the Council in 1877 attempted to persuade the Government to “finance a more permanent and secure supply of water.”

The issue of groundwater contamination was raised where it was stated that “it is simply a question of time when wells become contaminated.” The pollution that had been forecast eventuated in 1890 with an outbreak of typhoid. On October 8, 1890, the first municipal water supply system in Orange was turned on when the Gosling Creek Dam was completed.

The supply then was said to be good for the next twenty years, and the 645ML storage would stand for two years without replenishment.

Gosling Creek Dam is now used for recreational purposes by the general public.

Water can be released into Spring Creek Dam for use in the city supply system.