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Lake Canobolas

In 1917, with the prospect of sewerage, surveys were made for an additional dam. In 1918, the Meadow Creek system, later renamed Lake Canobolas, was built.

Water was pumped to Orange via the 2ML service tank on Cargo Road by two pumps powered by coal gas engines.

The system was used on a regular basis until about 1935 but also on an intermittent basis in dry periods until the end of World War II. Water from both Gosling Creek and Lake Canobolas was unfiltered and untreated and the water quality was apparently poor.It was commonplace at the time for householders to use alum to clarify water before washing clothes.

The Lake is currently used for recreational purposes by residents of the Orange district. Water from the Lake is also used by some local landholders and the nearby community of Nashdale.