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Property Management Committee


The Macquarie Pipeline Property Management Committee has been set up to examine issues surrounding property management for the proposed Macquarie River to Orange pipeline. A summary of the committees minutes from each meeting are listed below.

The Property Management Committee is made up of the following people:
Norm Townsend
Cabonne Council
Weeds Officer
Stephen Johnson
Weed Ecologist
Tony Cox
District Agronomist
Roger Smith
Weeds Officer
Leonie Martin
Advisory Agronomist
John Marshall
Senior Project Supervisor
Graeme Eggleston
NSW Office of Water Taskforce
Executive Officer
Bruce Reynolds
Reynolds Communication
Communications officer

Meeting Date: 21/8/2012
There was some discussion on the Land Function Analysis (LFA) program created by CSIRO. It is recognised worldwide and is being used by many of the mining companies for rehabilitation purposes. It provides a numerical value over time for the level of rehabilitation of the soil and could be used as a key factor in achieving key performance indicators. The system involves creating a 100m trans grid section at several locations along the proposed pipeline route if the project is approved, where samples can be taken every six months. This would include measurements for water infiltration, nutrient levels, and soil erosion and could be used as part of the ongoing monitoring process.
A Property Management Plan course for landholders was also discussed, with the NSW DPI running the proposed course, if the pipeline is approved. The course is a combination of three Landscan units, two Prograze units, two paddock plant field days and two days for Landscan Farm planning. The Paddock Plants days ideally should be run in Spring preferably before December. This course will take approximately seven days to complete over a number of months.
The Committee was informed the weed management and erosion management consultants have nearly finished their investigation along the pipeline route. They have been examining all the affected properties and are in the process of compiling their findings. Discussions will take place with Cabonne Council about road reserves and specific requirements regarding weed management and erosion control.
A rehabilitation Plan was also mentioned with early planning underway.
Leonie Martin has started a draft biosecurity management plan and has forwarded it to Louise Rossiter at NSW DPI for comment.
Meeting Date: 24/7/2012
The following notes are a summary of the weed management meeting held on 24/7/2012:
The meeting was informed Boyds Bay Environmental Services was awarded the weed management tender and Soil Conservation Service was awarded the soil erosion management tender. The two organisations have commenced work in conjunction with landholders along the route to survey the route to have property plans in place if the project is approved by the NSW Government.
A Property Planning Course has been created by Tony Cox from NSW DPI which is a combination of 3 units from Landscan and 2 from Prograze along with 2 paddock plants field days. Landholders along the pipeline route will be invited to participate in the property planning of their individual properties.
The meeting also discussed the sourcing of native grass seeds for revegetation of the landholders land after the pipeline is constructed. Leonie Martin is currently checking out sources for different native grass seeds.
There are also two Biosecurity Agfacts by Louise Rossiter from NSW DPI that will be included in the Property Construction and Restoration Plans for the properties, if the pipeline is constructed.
A Draft Property Construction and Restoration Management Plan has been constructed. It included the information that each landholder would need to receive regarding construction, operating hours, investigation and survey etc. This will be further developed when all the survey and investigation work has been completed by the weed and erosion control consultant’s.