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Project History

Project History

Orange City Council has provided the Environmental Assessment and Preferred Project Report on the Macquarie River Pipeline to the NSW Government. The Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) has approved the Macquarie River to Orange Pipeline Project with a number of conditions. View the approval conditions.The Australian Government has now approved the project with a number of conditions. Read the conditions of the Australian Government.

Other relevant documentation regarding consent and conditions can be found here

River modelling has found the Macquarie River provides a viable source of additional water for Orange. The proposed Macquarie Orange Pipeline is a 39-kilometre underground pipeline from 'Cobb's Hut Hole' near Long Point on the Macquarie River to Orange’s Suma Park Dam.

It is expected this pipeline would increase supplies by 1616 mega-litres a year, or a third of the city's requirements. It is expected that half of 1% of the river's annual flow would be extracted from the Macquarie River near Long Point. Macquarie River

Significant work has been undertaken to more clearly define the key issues relating to this project and address the Director General’s requirements for planning approval.

The Environmental Assessment (EA) report can be viewed here. The period for formal public comment on the EA has ended. All public submissions on the EA can be viewed here.

A significant portion of this report focuses on hydrology and the justification of the project under a Climate Change scenario. Other investigations currently underway are considering the potential risks, costs and a number of environmental and heritage issues.

The project is estimated to cost $47 million, with an upper estimate by an independent consultant of $51 million, and a lower estimate of $44.4 million. The project has entered the design and environmental approval stages. On this basis, the City Council has chosen a number of contracting companies for an Early Tenderer Involvement strategy.

Orange City Council lodged a 'Preferred Project Report', which is available on the Dept of Planning website.

This project was assessed by NSW Planning and Infrastructure, with recommended conditions of approval submitted to the Planning Assessment Commission. You can see recommendations under the section "Recommendation to Planning Assessment Commission." The Planning Assessment Commission has now approved the project . The Australian Government has approved the project with a number of conditions.

The NSW Minister for Planning declared the project would be assessed under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. View the Director General's requirements for the project.

A number of Information Sheets were prepared on the to keep the community and affected landholders informed.

Orange City Council also provided a Consultants Report on the project.

The council has also provided answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the Macquarie Pipeline project.